How to contact me?

You can email-me at :

I don't use IM or stuff like that, because most of my time is spent at work, and even when I do have Internet access at it, it's just not safe for my employment to use IMs and stuff...

So, if you want to contact me, email it is.

If you know of good Dark Kingdom fan-fiction that I haven't listed already in the link page, please share ^_^

But be aware that I tend to be mostly interested by Zoisite/Kunzite stuff. I can step aside, but it's not very often.

How to link to this site?

The main page URL is

You can use one of these two banners :

the first one was created by Chibi Zoi, thank you very much! ^__^

And this is the one I did. Yeah, I apologize, I apparently changed the site title along the way ^^;,,

I ended up thinking that "Dark Kingdom" was misguiding and would disappoint Nephrite and Jadeite lovers. Actually, I initially wanted to call it "Dark Kingdoms" in order to make pages about other villains I like, like Fiore, but... Knowing myself, it's doubtless that I'd have the time ^^;,,

So, excuse me. Call the site Dark Kingdom or Evil Love or "that other site about Zoi and Kun", it's no big deal.