Hall of Shame



I love Pirotess from "Record of Lodoss War". Truly, I worship her. She's strong, stunningly beautiful, and she has a crush on another wonderful character, Ashuram.

So I don't know what possessed me to take that gorgeous picture of her and photo-manip it to make it look like "another case of Zoisite trying to catch Kunzite's attention in creepy ways".

"I'm not a drag, I'm a shape-changer.
Nee, Kunzite-sama, do you like my boobs here?"



Lynn Zoisite

No, I can't say I worship Lynn Minmei from Macross (known in Western countries through its US mix of "Robotech"). But for some reason I like to sing along her songs (US or original Japanese ones) in my cheesiest voice, and one day it occured to me that "To Be in Love" was THE perfect song for Zoisite. I can just picture him singing it for Kunzite.
(and then Kunzite being mortified by the cheesiness of it, of course)

So for lack of time to ruin another icon of Japanimation make a required photomanip of Minmei, let me just remind you of the lyrics of that masterpiece of hers. Just imagine Zoi singing it :

To be in love

{spoken} Sometimes I dream with open eyes -
I dream of falling in love.

To be in love,
Must be the sweetest feeling
That a girl boy can feel.
To be in love.

To live a dream
With somebody you care about like no one else
A special man,
A dearest man,

Who needs to share his life with you alone.
Who'll hold you close and feel things,
That only love brings
To know that he is all your own

To be my love,
My love must be much more than any other man
To be my love.
To share my dream,
My hero, he must take me where no other can
Where we will find
A brand new world -

A world of things we've never seen before;
Where silver suns have golden moons,
Each year has thirteen Junes.
That's what must be for me,
To be in love.