Story : chapter 06


Eventually, there are 3 episodes in which Zoisite and Kunzite do work together.

The first one fueled the imaginations, as you'll figure out why. Unfortunately the art of this one was very very bad... But well.

It starts as usual, with Zoisite reporting to Beryl. She found out that in addition to the pest that are the Senshi, they also have an enemy in the person of Tuxedo Kamen (aka prince Endymion reincarnated, though he doesn't know it yet, aka Mamoru Chiba).

During Zoi's missions, TK managed to robbed him two Nijizuishou. So Zoi explains Queen Beryl that he intends to get them back, and he's interrupted by Kunzite, who offers his help to neutralize the Senshi while Zoisite will confront TK, and announces that he has a plan to do this all.

Check the ecstatic look on Zoi's face ("Kunzite is talking to me, yipeee!"), and the cold, knowing glance of Kunzite (I can imagine a warning in his eyes "Don't be too effusive, Zoi, Beryl is watching us").
That pretty much sums their relationship...

Beryl approves Kunzite's plan, and both Kings bow, Zoisite thinking (in the french dub) "I'll get TK for you Kunzite, this will be a proof of my gratefulness" (quite sure he said "love" or something in the japanese version).

I regret that we don't see Zoi's face when Kunzite tells his his plan... Anyway, the result is...

This. A fake Sailor Moon. As you may figure out despite the poor art, it is in fact Zoisite. Yep. Cross-dressing Zoisite. But he doesn't make an habit of it. Not in my version at least.
Don't know what some fanfic writer find so appealing about Zoisite cross-dressing. I like him as a man. A rather feminine man, I'll give you that, but still. If I wanted a female Zoi, I'd watch the US DIC version.

So the fake Sailor Moon intervenes in town and saves people (from a danger she'd put them in to begin with, but no one noticed that), then flees.
The Senshi follow her, as does Tuxedo Kamen on his side.

They all witness as the fake Sailor Moon, tied and apparently unconscious, is hanged on to a crane by Kunzite; who's standing on a building's roof nearby (my brother's comment "When they'll be done with their bondage games...").

The Senshi come closer and Kunzite traps them in a dome of darkness that drains their energy.
TK delivers the fake Sailor Moon and lands with her... too bad for him.
Zoisite conjures an ice blade and stabs him in the back (remember : Zoi is a villain. That's what I like in him. Besides, I'd gladly stab TK myself)...

Then jumps away and the disguise fall...

There's something I never quite got here. The sailor fuku (uniform) is not an illusion, since it's still seen on this pic. And there's no way Zoisite could have worn his own uniform under the mini-skirt, right?
So, illusion or transformation? Even the artbook doesn't help as the word used can mean both in Japanese... Oh well, never mind...

TK runs away, Zoi pursues him and manages to take off his mask (and comments that he's quite handsome :P, and for some reason they kept that in the french dub...)

As he's about to kill him, he's interrupted by Crescent Beams, an attack never seen before, from a new Sailor : Sailor Venus. TK escapes.

Zoi joins Kunzite on the buiding's roof and tells him what happened.

Kunzite is quite pissed off and rude, and Zoi is first annoyed and hurt in his pride, but then reacts and say they still have a chance as TK will come to save the Senshi.

So they call him, and that would work...

But Crescent Beams hurt Kunzite's hands, messing his concentration, and the dark energy dome fades away.

Zoisite steps in between his mentor and the Senshi, determined to finish them off by himself (he's all freaked out because Kunzite is wounded, that's so cute and funny).

But Queen Beryl's face appears and she calls them back without any explanation. Zoi reluctantly accepts to leave with Kunzite.
And note that they both have a different teleportation signature. Sakura petals for Zoi (he also uses them as weapons, weird as it looks), mere vanishing/blue streaks for Kunzite.



Previously... To be continued...