I've gathered here the scans I did to illustrate my "Dark Kingdom History" pages, in case you want to separate them from the ones I used that were borrowed from Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home., or if you already know the story and just want to see pics.

The anime comics are the Nakayoshi Anime Books collection.

These are scans from the Sailor Moon Artbook and the Anime-Comics that I own. Enjoy, but don't steal.

If you want to use one of these, email me. I don't bite, I just like to know if someone is using my stuff.

Obviously I didn't scan everything of it, I have a life out of here... ^^;,, Just selected pages/pictures. So pages that feature several episodes means that it's episodes for which I didn't scan much.

It's mostly Zoisite or Zoisite & Kunzite, but ep. 24 features Nephrite's death, and episode 44 and 46 obviously have other things than my favorite pair.


Scans #01 : episodes 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29

Scans #02 : episode 31

Scans #03 : episode 32

Scans #04 : episode 33

Scans #05 : episode 34

Scans #06 : episode 35

Scans #07 : episodes 44, 46 and misc. pics