For people who haven't seen Sailor Moon and wonder what's this fuss about Kunzite and Zoisite is about...
And to refresh my memories for later reference
(there was a time where I could just describe each KunxZoi appearance in detail and give episode #...).

I decided to write this little (okay, long) report on who, what, where, when the delicious villains have done.

It's pretty much a "Zoisite and Kunzite moments history",
with a little bit of the rest of the Dark Kingdom and Sailor Moon in the middle.


Chapter 01 : introduction of the 4 Kings and the Queens. A bit of History. Jadeite's demise.

Chapter 02 : Two new Kings in a row. And then enters the last one

Chapter 03 : Nephrite's death. The rose scene.

Chapter 04 : Other sweet scenes : the sitting couple. Jealousy (again). The only sign...

Chapter 05 : The Rat Episode

Chapter 06 : Crossdressing

Chapter 07 : The duel (1).

Chapter 08 : Zoisite's mistake. The duel (2). Princess Serenity appears.

Chapter 09 : The romantic rescue.

Chapter 10 : Facing Queen Beryl.

Chapter 11 : A villain's death

Chapter 12 : the rest of the show